magnesiumBiological studies have historically and recently shown the importance of magnesium in relation to human health. Being deficient of this mineral is quite simply a dangerous condition.

Symptoms of deficiency include but are certainly not limited to heart conditions, muscle cramps, migraines, inflammation, allergies, aching joints, poor sleep, anxiety, and a host of other difficulties.

Americans especially are deficient in magnesium particularly because it’s nearly impossible to get enough magnesium through diet and food alone. When ingested, only a very small amount if absorbed into the body and even a smaller amount can be stored in the muscles (a near zero amount in fact).

What most people don’t realize is that the human body was intended to get most of it’s needed magnesium by skin absorption. Our ancestors walked barefoot and, therefore, absorbed magnesium and other minerals from the soil. There was, obviously, a downside to walking barefoot on the dirt and we have traded that for a society in which it is seen as unsanitary to walk barefoot in the dirt. One of the trade offs is that we need magnesium supplements to help prevent us from getting the diseases associated from being deficient.

An important matter to consider when choosing a supplement is the purity of the product. One of the best magnesium supplements on the planet is Revive Naturals Magnesium. Their magnesium products have a food grade rating which means that they had to meet specific quality standards to earn that rating from the Food and Drug Administration. We can’t find another magnesium product on the market with a food grade rating. Revive Naturals provides magnesium in the form of bath salts and as a spray, which is more convenient if you don’t have time for a bath.

Take care of your health and make sure you are getting enough of this extremely important mineral.